We not only produce water but work for the benefit of people

30 years of successful work

The company was founded in 1989.

Producer №1

The leader in the Far East in the production of water and beverages.

More than water

Support of regional sport and environmental initiatives.

Slavda for Russia

•  We support high-profile events in the Far East: Pacific Meridians International Film Festival, Media Summit and Rost Business Forums, music festivals, PITE, Heroes' Race, and others.

•  We supply water for protocol events of political and economic summits and forums. 

•  We supply water to the Pacific Navy hospital and warships. 

Product catalog

The Slavda product range includes products for all ages.  An interesting offer for business: production of water with an individual-design label.

Mineral water 

The best choice for daily consumption.  

Children water

For children from the first days of life. Does not require boiling.  

For the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency and digestive system diseases.  

Carbonated beverages using natural ingredients from Germany.  

The secret to our products’ success is their high quality.

HACCP quality control system

Mineral springs in the area “Unique Russian Resorts”  

Natural ingredients for beverages from Germany

SIPA line for bottling mineral water and soft drinks in 1.5 liter bottles. Capacity is up to 13600 bottles/hour.

Six wells in environmentally clean locations

Wells №14546, №14546А, №14546Б and №37107 (over 100 meters) and №511 (70 meters) for production of soft drinks, potable and mineral waters. Located in the vicinity Smakovka Resorts.

Well № 15-70 with a depth of more than 200 meters, for production of medicinal table water. It is located in Kirovsky district, Primorsky region at the bottom of the Medvezhya hill.

Products comply with GOST even without pre-purification.  Do not contain heavy metals and dangerous bacteria, have no color and odor.

Force of nature for beauty and health 

Water is extracted in an environmentally clean location of the Shmakovka Resort complex. This is the place, in the large natural park of the Ussuri taiga, near the southern slopes of the Sikhote-Alin mountain ridge, where the largest mineral water deposit in the Far East is located. Water is bottled at the factory in the immediate vicinity of the mineral water spring.

We supply water to the entire far East

Stable supplies to any region

Productive capacity of lines at our factories has increased 3 times from 2008 to 2018.

Factory capacities are increasing along with consumers’ growing needs.  We regularly purchase new equipment and expand lines.  

Our own storage facilities and representatives in Khabarovsk and Primorsky region. Product stock is always available.

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of bottles/hour



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were received for the years of operation


We are open for cooperation

Submit a request if you want to sell Slavda products in your region.  The manager will call you back as soon as possible.



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